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Hey Joe ..it was a pleasure to meet you on Monday night ..sorry Steph and I weren't able to make it out on Thursday night ..all the best !
Sitting at my desk enjoying the soothing sounds of your 'Til the Day' CD.
Joe- Thank you for doing an AMAZING job with our wedding! Your live performances were incredible and your choices of music were perfect. The ceremony music was beautiful (Crash was amazing!!) and the reception music had everyone up and dancing the entire night. You were even gracious enough to accommodate some karaoke requests at the after party. We can't begin to thank you enough, everything was perfect! We will definitely recommend you to anyone who has any kind of event that they're planning. Thank You- Heather and Joe Campbell
Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did at my daughter, Lauren's wedding. It was purely amazing! I loved that you were out on the deck for cocktails. The first thing my friends said when I arrived as their bodies were swaying was "This guy's amazing! Where did you find him?!" From the cocktail hour to your singing during dinner to the dancing/partying time, everything was perfect. Thanks for adding so much to our event. Fondly, Karen Kulberg
I first met Joe Farren at a Bridal Expo I attended shortly after I got engaged. Anyone that has been to one of those events knows how hectic and overwhelming it is. With so many vendors and excitement, it is easy to possibly overlook a hidden gem, which Joe has become. I walked up to speak to Joe about his music an somehow knew instantly that he would be perfect for my event. It is not very often you find a “one man show”. I was ecstatic to find out that not only is Joe a wedding DJ, but a true musician in many forms. Joe beautifully played the piano at my ceremony, sang with his guitar during cocktail hour, then rocked it out later in the evening for the reception. I am a hard woman to please, yet Joe’s talents exceeded my expectations. He played a special part in creating such a magical night for me. I like to thank you Joe and would recommend any bride that wants a beautiful event to explore what Joe has to offer. Thanks again Joe & I hope you would consider singing ‘Imagine’ for me again on our anniversary. With best regards, Melissa & Thomas Toth
Nice website, braveheart Sheryl Nice mtg you
Last Chance... thanks for introducing me to your music before you left ...
Joe, your music is golden. I love your original songs and the musicians you've chosen to cover. Its been awhile since the good old days in Pine Point and I am thrilled to see you stuck with it. Your dedication is apparent and I am so glad for you. Keep it up. I'm going to pick up your new album and start spreading the word here in San Diego. Congratulations and the best of luck with all you do in the future.
Hi Joe, My wife Mary and I saw you at Krista's Friday and were impressed with your voice and musicianship. I also gave you my card. THE RIPS Chris
HI Joe,We'll see you soon,and bring your dad,Arlene & Ed Hansen
Joe - Daniel has not been able to stop playing piano since his first lesson with you last week! From "hesitancy to begin lessons" to "can't walk away from the piano" is a great tribute to your Instruction! Thank you, Leslie Arnson
Joe - we wanted to thank you again for an amazing job at our wedding ceremony! it was amazing and you sang/played beautifully !
Hey Joe! Listened to some of your stuff, awesome sound!!! I would love to know when your playing in the greater portland area next!
Joe. Dawn and I enjoyed your session last night at the Cabaret. We’ll bring the boys next time. It will be a test to play before a rowdier crowd! Best, Kevin C.
like your name, like your music
Hey Joe! Happy Valentines Day!! See you tonight at the Stockhouse. I'll be the one hitting on your date. ;)
Great website. Looking forward to going to one of your gigs.
Amazing ... just read the review on your CD (that Nick sent the family) and am blown away. Congrats, Joe .... this is very much well deserved!
Hey Joe....its been years but nice to see you are doing well. Thanks for great stocking stuffers for my parents....I am sure they will love it
Hey, It was good to see you, hopefully we can all get together again for christmas...maybe for a longer visit, I know Machias is a ways away but you can visit anytime you are always welcome. Love ya
Hello Joe Farren, My husband Ed Hansen and I will try to see you at OOB. Maybe Nick will go as well. Take Care,Arlene Alcott
great work!
Hey there Joe, I met you at the Green Room in Sanford and I bought your CD. I really enjoy it a few songs more than others. I really love "lie to me" and "broken man" . I would really like to see you in concert again. Let me know when your gigs are. Betty
Great music cousin.... We love it, Tina and I are going to Bull moose today.... Keep up the good work....
Hey, When i get some moola i'll be getting me one of your cd's... see if i can spread it around down east. Write me some time....Love, Britannia
Joe, these clips are pure magic ... sure hope the word gets out soon! The stars await .... Barb
Hi, my mother sent me your site. She couldn't bring it up on her computer. I'll have to get them a CD. What relaxing music. Joe, I love it. Could listen to it all day. Hopeful wishes & dreams sent your way. Love Ella
Yo, Joe! It's Adam! It's great that you have your own website now! I'm doing well in Britain. Now I got the drums in my room! I get compliments about my playing all of the time. Whenever someone asks "Where did you learn it", I tell them about you! Keep on rocking, Joe!
Glad to see you doin' so well
hi, 44 Gerry's Alley , Trenton , Me. 04605, send sooooooooooon , Love Mom
Great to see (and hear) you doing so well! I love the clips form the new disc.
Joe, It was great running into you at OPF. I love your music! Sorry I missed you at The North Star Cafe. I hope to make it to the cd release at Slainte. Keep writing great songs!
The mother in law and I will be at the 'House for 1 final performance before the move to AZ!
Long time old friend....still jamin huh nice to see it maybe on my next trip maine ill try to catch a show..
Hey man, what's up with your record?!!!!
Hey, I like your site...drop me a line, mom was just here visiting and told me that u had this site...looks good...talk to you later... Love, Brit
hey joe!!!! It's marn. how are you? its been forever since ive seen you. i ran into Evan and asked him how you were. hope all is well!!
Looking forward to the performances this weekend...if your mother got the info right, lol...we will be at the thistle..
Hi, looking forward to Sat
What's up dude? Looks like you are playing allot and keeping busy. Let me know if you are playing in Boston. It would be fun to see you play sometime.
Joe, Your website is great! Ryder (and half of Freeport) is so lucky to have you for a piano teacher. Hoping to catch you on Feb. 2.
Let me know if you got ahold of Sandy...
Hey Joe whats up? Next time u come over to teach can u teach me "get down tonight" By KC and the sunshine band?
Hey Joe, I like the site. Might have to come see you at Chicky's in January - I'll probably see you the 9th, regardless. -C
We really enjoyed your show tonight. We look forward to seeing you again sometime soon. Happy New Year!! Take Care, The Beaulieus
Great website Joe...there is no doubt you will make it big...damn, listening to your music sounds like you should already be famous :-) Good luck Everard.
Nice Website. Can't wait for the new album!
dude when is your new cd coming out?
joe, you are perhaps the best harmonicerist ive ever seen.
Looking good brotha! Can't wait for the new album!
Hey Joe! Whats up? Just checking out your website. Pretty cool!!! Spencer Drake
Cool site! I'll back you up anyday! Martha says HI!
joe mama
Joe, I enjoyed visiting your site and reading your list of songs. GREAT Idea - mind if I steal it? The idea, not the list. I look forward to hearing you sing selections from the list when you perform on DECEMBER 14th at Chicky's Fine Diner in Westbrook! I look forward to sharing the stage with you. I suspect we might even work out a tune or two together for the close of the show - nothing says music like a jam and I've got some hot players coming along for the ride. I look forward to the night. Martin Swinger
Thank you for playing Jack Johnson ;) You're Amazing!